Technest 3: Third Times the Charm

Hey again, its been another fortnight. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

The next one will focus on developing a single feature list for the Technest initiative, which will inform the business brief, and the design of any online presence we have.

Agenda is roughly:

Discussion Topics (In no particular order)

6pm, Thursday 21st November 2013
Technest Offices, Level 2, 456-460 Hunter St., Newcastle
Bring money for Pizza

Please RSVP via email: with a witty subject line.

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Last time, everyone wanted to go home after the business was done. Probably rightly so, it can get late. We're still trying to work out where the game play fits in this.

This week, were going to try having the game setup before people arrive, and play the game in the later part of the meeting. If this works, we might operate this way. If not, we might look to having a seperate games night.

The game will be 'The Settlers of Catan'